Remote HydroLight

Wire diagram for ELC

Below are the wire diagrams for the ELC.  They are the diagrams RHL generally uses. All combinations in the table are possible (eTxcept 40 kW and 48 kW with 1 card).  When ampere meter is shown, it consists of a coil with wires to an amp meter. Simple amp meters without coils have proven to be unreliable.  

Please note the following:
- The location of the ELC components are chosen by the manufacturer. Be sure that the air is free to move around the heat sinks.
- The amp meters consist of two components, a coil, an amp meter and wires between the amp meter and the coil.
- LED's (Light Emitter diodes) need to be mounted on the door of the control box so they can be seen by the operator.
- The ELC can be made with 2 triacs in parallel which uses less coils and wire. The parallel connection allows 4 kW (two 2000 W elements) to be connected to one connector. Some of the wire diagrams (above 24 kW) are using the parallel connection, RHL recommend now that each triac have its own coil and wire, and connector for a 2 kW element.

1 Card 2 Cards Wire thickness(1)
Switches Without switches With switches Without switches With switches
Lines out of ELC 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2
kW Phases
4 1 4kW1ph1f1c 6 mm
6 3 6kW3ph1f1c 4 mm
8 1 8kW1ph2f1c_sw 12 mm
12 1 12kW1ph2f1c.pdf 18 mm
12 3 12kW3ph1f1c 12kW3ph2f1c 12kW3ph2f1c_sw 12kW3ph2f2c 12kW3Ph1f2c_sw 12kW3Ph2f2c_sw 6 mm
16 1 16kW1ph2f2c 24 mm
16 3 16kW3ph2f2c_sw 8 mm
18 3 18kW3ph2f1c 18kW3ph2f2c 9 mm
24 3 24kW3ph2f1c 24kW3ph1f2c 24kW3ph2f2c 24kW3ph2f2c_sw 12 mm
30 3 30kW3ph2f2c_sw 15 mm
36 3 36kW3ph2f2c 36kW3ph2f2c_sw 18 mm
40 3 --------- ------- - ------- 40kW3ph2f2c_sw 20 mm
48 3 --------- ------- - ------- 48kW3ph2f2c_sw 24 mm
(1) Wire area in mm2 for main wires and neutral.  For wires where the full current is not going, set wire area to 3 mm2/A or more.  

Above 12 kW, it is recommended to use 2 cards and 2 transformers. A larger plant is more important so the backup benefit (in case a card or transformer fails) is well worth the small extra cost.

ELC with switches have generally been used when the turbine room is far away from the ELC room or when the turbine doesn't have a direct manual flow control (Kaplan turbine).  The operator can manually load the alternator and control voltage by turning on water heater elements.  This is a back up control method if the ELC fails.

Description of name:
24kW3ph1f2c: Means 24kW capacity, 3 phase, 1 fuse per phase (or that the output lines goes in one direction) with 2 cards.
24kW3ph1f2c_sw: Mean that the ELC has switches