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Turbine types 
TMT: Traditional Mill Turbine (Cross Flow)
This is the lightest duty turbine and the easiest one to produce. It has a 40 mm shaft and one pulley. It was named after the most common site used to grind wheat into flour.
HKT: Hindu Kush Turbine (Cross Flow)
This turbine is a medium duty turbine.  It has a 50 mm shaft and can have one or two pulleys.  It was named after the famous Hindu Kush Mountain range.
PT:  Pamir turbine  (Cross Flow)
This is the largest turbine for heavy duty use and can have two pulleys or direct drive. It was named after the highest mountain range in Afghansitan.
This is a Kaplan turbine, or a propeller turbine inside a pipe with blades that can be turned to adjust the flow.
The pelton turbine is made for high head and low flow.  It has a 50 mm shaft diameter and has one pulley. It can have one or two jets.
Diagram of flow and head for all turbines
Turbine type TMT HKT PT Pelton Kaplan
Max width recommended(mm) 500 1000 1000  1 or 2 jet ---   
Rotor diameter(mm) 270 340 340 250 PTC 354
Rotor shaft diameter (mm) 40 50 75 50 40
PTC: Pitch circle diameter